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East Asia Friendship Section Children’s Museum Library
Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History concluded the “Agreement regarding East Asia Friendship Museum” in 2010 with Incheon Metropolitan City Museum in Incheon, a sister city of Kitakyushu, and with Lushun Museum in Kitakyushu’s friendship city Dalian. Here we introduce the history and culture of both cities as well as the activities of both museums with photographs, relevant materials and replicas of housed articles. Kurosaki gion festival. Tobata Gion festival.
Lots of touchable specimens in the room attach the interests of children for natural history and human history. The books such as picture books and illustrated reference books for the children are also available in the room. The museum provides more than 8,000 books covering broad aspects of natural history and human history for all ages in the room.
Lecture Rooms Assembly Area (Theater) Gallery
Kokura Gion Festival. Kurosaki gion festival. Tobata Gion festival.
The museum offers a variety of general and specific programs for children as well as adults at the two lecture rooms. Each room has a seating capacity of about 40 people. The room with a capacity of about 300 people can be used for various purpose such as lectures for all ages and the guidance for the visitors coming as a group. The special exhibitions are held in the room with 500m2 at several times a year.
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