Local Festival Lobby Exhibits
The people believed that good fortune and bad luck such as natural disasters where caused by the rage of the gods. The gion festivals are used to favor the gods to ward away disasters. In Kitakyushu there are a lot of festivals. The three major summer festivals are the Kokura gion, Kurosaki-gion and Tobata-gion festival. In all three festivals floats are carried or pushed around.

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Kokura Gion Festival. Kurosaki gion festival. Tobata Gion festival.
Kokura Gion Festival. Kurosaki gion festival. Tobata Gion festival.
In the Kokura gion festival there is one portable shrine from the Yasaka Shrine close to Kokura castle and lots of floats from the towns. These floats have a drum (TAIKO) on the front and on the back. The floats are pushed around Kokura The people banging the drums and ringing the bells, creating a lively noise, are considered the heros of the festival. The kurosaki gion festival uses floats with simple decorations. The Kurosaki floats are historically correct. It is very rare to find historical traditions that have remained pure up till now. In the Tobata gion festival a float is carried by a lot of men. The decoration of the floats change between day and night. In the daytime it is decorated with a luxurious curtain. At night the floats are lit up by hundreds of lanterns.
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